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Alameda County Criminal Record Relief

In April 2013, the Alameda County Public Defender's Office launched a county-wide Clean Slate Program, which helps people clean up their Alameda County criminal records. Since the Program’s inception, we have served thousands of clients and filed over 18,000 petitions.

Additionally, Clean Slate Attorneys attend community events to bring our Program directly to the population we serve, participate in statewide coalitions, and counsel lawmakers about Clean Slate-related legislation.

We also collaborate with the East Bay Community Law Center to help our clients overcome barriers to employment, housing, education, occupational licensing, and civic participation.

Due to COVID-19 and until further notice, in order to request assistance/see if you are eligible for Clean Slate services, please follow the instructions below under "How to Apply for Clean Slate Services."

We May Be Able to Assist You With:

  • Reducing felonies to misdemeanors for qualifying offenses
  • Prop. 47 relief (reclassifying certain low-level felonies to misdemeanors; petitions must be filed by Nov. 4, 2022)
  • Prop. 64 relief (reclassifying certain marijuana crimes)
  • Early termination of felony or misdemeanor probation
  • Dismissal of convictions when probation is completed
  • Dismissal of infraction convictions
  • Dismissal of local prison convictions or certain older convictions now eligible for local prison
  • Relief for eligible convictions for successful fire camp participants
  • Certificates of Rehabilitation for felonies/state prison and PC 290 cases
  • Vacatur of eligible nonviolent arrests/convictions for survivors of human trafficking
  • PC 290 sex offender registration relief (Click here for more information.)

* We are only able to seek relief for Alameda County convictions (with limited exceptions)

Basic Eligibility Requirements for Most Dismissals:

  • You do not have any pending criminal cases
  • You are not currently on probation or parole

How to Apply for Clean Slate Services

To apply for Clean Slate services, please attend one of our walk-in clinics.  Starting in November 2023, and until further notice, our walk-in clinics will be held from 9-11 AM each Thursday at 545 4th Street in Oakland, CA with the exception of limited closures (e.g., we will NOT hold clinics on 11/23/23, 12/21/23, or 12/28/23)


If you are unable to attend a walk-in clinic, please call 510-268-7400 and select the Clean Slate option.

PC 20 Registration Relief Graphic


Starting in 2021, instead of across-the-board lifetime registration, California will have a tiered system for PC 290 (sex registry) registrants.

Petitions can be filed starting July 1, 2021.

You must continue to register unless and until you have filed a petition AND a judge grants your petition.

Click here for more information.

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